ConTech provides a broad range of creative solutions to Security, Technology and Construction industries.  With a primary focus on maximizing infrastructure design efficiency, our team provides the technical expertise to assist our clients upgrade or re-design an existing system; manage the roll-out and deployment of a new system; or simply consult with Capital Projects that requires technical support for new construction or build-out; and move/relocation management.


What we do is simple!  We provide the technical expertise that bridges the gap between the A/E Firm, the IT Department and the Security Management Team; and work with the General Contractor to insure that each group’s vision is properly captured during the construction process.  



Our services are designed to aid decision-makers with the responsibility for Capital Construction Project Planning as it relates to Technology, Security, Space Planning and Move Management.  Our clients entrust us with the responsibility for the end-to-end design of the IT Network; development of technical specifications from the communication outlet to the network closet; connectivity, integration and management of communication cable and wireless; engineering and design for physical security systems; and coordinating systems, furniture and equipment moves.




Security Management & Engineering


For almost twenty years we have been on a mission to educate, demonstrate and inform anyone and everyone of the importance of safety and security in public schools.  The founding of the firm occurred as we were contracted to facilitate the installation of more than 6 miles of cable; and the deployment of millions of dollars for Switches and Routers to introduce students to the new “Information Superhighway.”


Fast forward twenty years:  We have been able to demonstrate the benefits and efficiency that occurs when Security and IT are planned and designed simultaneously.   To this end, we manage the design and integration requirement for network equipment sharing within a single district; and work to broker relationships among local governments and municipalities to more effectively share resources.


By overlaying the design infrastructure for Network Technology; and incorporating the client’s vision and objective, we develop and manage technical requirements to optimize the following:


  •  VoIP
  •  Wireless
  •  IP Video
  •  Access Control
  •  Intercom | Clock  | Paging System


Construction Engineering Management


Our clients have entrusted their facilities, infrastructures and personnel to our creativity, vision and ongoing support.  Because of this trust and confidence ConTech has provided Field Engineering, Consulting   Management for more than $1.5 Billion in new construction; performed IT and Security Needs-Assessments for 100+ schools and managed the roll-out and integration of 6,000+ IP Video Cameras, 1500 Access Control Readers, and the deployment of Cisco equipment in over 150 facilities.  



Our Field Engineers manage infrastructure design, program management, and quality assurance during the construction process to insure that technology is adequately addressed in the Capital construction planning; validate the accuracy of A/E designs prior to building construction;  manage and inspect vendor performance during each phase of system installation; and coordinate the testing and integration of each system .




As the industry demand increases for greater transmission speeds, broader bandwidths and greater medium versatility, the need for the design and engineering of the technology infrastructure in today’s environment becomes an absolute necessity.  To maximize design efficiency, we participate at the architectural concept design stage and assist with the development of all related technical specifications in accordance with the layout and design of the facility.  Then, we validate requirements to achieve maximum operability for each system that's integrated into the client’s network.


  •  Review A/E Drawings
  •  Perform Drawing Device – Inventory
  •  Upgrade IT Specifications
  •  Perform IT Infrastructure Assessment & Audit
  •  Manage Vendors & Deliverables



Space Planning - Relocation Management


Whether our clients are moving from a single location in an existing building or relocating an entire school community to another school, we support the efforts to insure a smooth transition; manage site readiness for the IT Network; test and validate IP Video Cameras and Access Control; and facilitate moving and placement of furniture, equipment and fixtures.  Other features include:


  •  Commissioning & Management of Moving Vendor
  •  Coordinate Secure and Confidential Information
  •  Facilitate Take-down and Set-up
  •  Insure Security Coverage at Each Location

















Security + Technology + Space Planning
Space Planning
Move Management
Move Management

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